Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

On January 1, 2005 the Estonian University of Life Sciences  completed structural reform resulting in  the establishment of five new institutes. The Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (IAES) was formed by merging six different units of the University. These institutions were: The Faculty of Agronomy (consisting the Institute of  Horticulture, the Institute of Plant Cultivation, the Institute of Plant Protection, the Institute of Soil Science and Agro chemistry and the Institute of Grassland Science), the Institute of Environmental Protection, the Institute of Experimental Biology, the Institute of Zoology and Botany, the Polli Institute of Horticulture and the Plant Biotechnology Research Centre EVIKA.

The IAES monitors and organises studies of the following specialities: horticulture, agronomy, production and marketing of agricultural products, applied hydrology, nature tourism (since 2006), landscape  conservation and maintenance, ornamental gardening (since 2007) and landscape architecture. The following specialities can be completed by distance learning: management of urban and industrial  landscapes (since 2006), nature tourism (since 2006) and management of agricultural companies (since 2007). One international master program taught in English is also coordinated by IAES: Landscape Architecture.

Structure of the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: