Polli Horticultural Research Centre

Polli, 69108 Karksi-Nuia sjk, Mulgi vald, Viljandi maakond
Phone: +372 43 31 443
Fax: +372 43 31 442
e-mail: polli@polli.ee
Homepage: http://polli.emu.ee/
Director: Piia Pääso, piia.paaso@emu.ee

The Polli Horticultural and Agricultural Institute were founded in 1945 in the southern part of Viljandimaa County. Long time it belonged to the Estonian Institute of Agriculture and Land Reclamation as the department of fruit growing. Since 1994, 26 January, it was included to the Estonian Agricultural University in rights to Institute. The goal of the Polli Horticultural Research Centre is to advance the fruit science, technology of fruit growing, and student's training in the following sphere:

  1. introduction, testing and evaluation of cultivars;
  2. breeding of cultivars, especially apple, pear, plum, sweet cherry, black currant, raspberry, and apple vegetative rootstocks;
  3. agricultural methods in fruit production;
  4. preserving of all fruit and small fruit cultivars of Estonian origin.

As the result of cultivars` introduction and breeding activities, the most complete collections of tree fruit and small fruit cultivars in Estonia have been produced.