Production and Marketing of Agricultural Products

The aim of this speciality is to provide for the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in the area of production and marketing of agricultural products; to support the development of competences for working in positions requiring agricultural knowledge and skills and to create prerequisites for continuing studies for the master's degree.

What do the students learn?

On successful completion of the curriculum the student:

  1. is able to describe the basics of research area of producing of field crop products by conceptual means;
  2. is able to find and critically evaluate the knowledge in the subject of field crop products;
  3. knows at least one foreign language and is able to talk and write in it;
  4. can efficiently implement the possibilities of information technology in his/her professional work;
  5. knows, how to analyse the profitability and sustainability of rural economic production and is able to attend in the planning of development of enterprises, societies, farms and regions;
  6. knows the primary principles of sustainable development, the organisation and policy of environmental protection;
  7. is able to use specific knowledge’s in practical work;
  8. is ready for scientific thinking, lifelong learning and master's degree studies;
  9. is ready to assume responsibility involved in working as a specialist in the private sector, state organisations or enterprises;
  10. is able to evaluate the environmental impact of his/her activity using sustainable thinking and broad-mindedly regard to the diversity of bearings and values;
  11. is aware of the ethical aspects and the social role of his/her activity.