Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism

The Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism was formed in september 2017 by joining three Departments: Botany, Mycology and Zoology. So far these three departments have played an important role in gathering knowledge about biodiversity and Estonian nature. Protecting rare species and habitats has been important mission of our staff likewise valuing the nature in general. Throughout years several distribution atlases and guides of species have been published by our scientists. Since 2006 we have been responsible for Nature tourism curricula both at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Postal Address:
Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism
Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kreutzwaldi 5
51006  Tartu

Acting Head of the Chair:
Marika Kose, Kreutzwaldi 5 room D212, Phone: (+372) 7311883,

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