Horticulture is one of the most popular specialities in the EMU. The students of this field study all branches of agriculture: vegetable and fruit growing, greenhouse growing, decorative gardening and the preservation of horticultural produce.
In order to maintain the competitive edge on the horticultural market the country needs skilful specialists in gardening. The graduates of horticulture are warmly welcome in the enterprises dealing with fruit and vegetables, production and preservation of decorative plants. Good skills in decorative plants and pests, outstanding designing skills in green area and private garden planning and supervision of garden maintenance and establishment allow the graduates to work in furbishing firms as specialists and managers.
The share of optional subjects makes it possible for the students to take courses from different universities in our home country and abroad.

What do the students learn?

  • production of high quality horticultural products;
  • contemporary methods in production optimisation;
  • preservation of horticultural products;
  • design and maintenance of green areas and private gardens.