Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture is responsible for the study programs in landscape architecture.

See here for admission requierments.


EMÜ provides a distinct context for the teaching of landscape architecture. The programme has been designed not only to prepare students for a very wide professional sphere, able to plan and design landscapes at all scales but has been benchmarked against other European programmes to ensure that it meets international professional standards, evidenced by the recognition of the programme by the International Federation of Landscape Architecture. The presence of experienced teachers from outside Estonia gives the programme an international dimension and also ensures strong links with other schools.


A number of courses arein the third year of the bachelor programme are given in English, making it possible for international students to spend time here, while there is a parallel English-language master programme which attracts students from different countries. This also contributes to exciting and rich atmosphere in the

We give out following diplomas:

  • Bachelor of natural sciences with specialization in Landscape architecture (3-years program)
  • Master in Landscape Architecture (2-years program)