Nature Tourism

The aim of this course is to develop Estonian specialists with a diverse knowledge and understanding of Estonian nature (plant habitats, species, geology, soils, landscape relief) and its regional peculiarities and development. The graduate of nature tourism is competent to integrate this knowledge with basic tourism-related knowledge and is able to employ it in the development of sustainable and responsible tourism.

What do the students learn?

The graduate:

  1. is able to describe the basic concepts of natural sciences and social economy, to explain theoretical principles and implement research methods;
  2. knows the applications of environmental protection and interdisciplinary connections;
  3. understands current developments and problems in nature tourism;
  4. is able to analyze problems related to the development of tourism and business, and evaluate various solutions;
  5. can independently gather, analyze and assess information for the resolution of professional tasks, using appropriate methods, technologies and facilities;
  6. can use the necessary professional information, presentation and communication technologies and has good communication skills;
  7. can explain the speciality-related problems both verbally and in writing in Estonian and in two foreign languages;
  8. is prepared to work in the private sector (tourism operators, tourism development organizations, etc.) and in state and local government institutions;
  9. is able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in work and continue studies in the Master level, and understands the need for lifelong learning;
  10. is ready to actively participate in the civil society and demonstrate tolerance towards the diversity of attitudes and values;
  11. is responsible for the consequences of his/her professional activities in society;
  12. is ready for team work and joint activity.