06.05.2022 Avalik loeng: Hossein Azadi - Research Agenda on Land Issues

Reedel, 6.mail, kell 11-12 toimub Maamajanduse ökonoomika õppetooli külalisprofessor Hossein Azadi loeng „Research Agenda on Land Issues“.

Why should we study land issues?

  • Among others, one strategic reason explains it: Unlike other resources: “land is a finite resource which is not importable” and therefore, it’s not increasable, but manageable in a sustainable way.
  • Deciding on the proper use of land depends on the careful assessment of human needs and desires. Many current problems stem directly or indirectly from the continued exploitation of a limited resource – land price speculation, urban sprawl, diminishing farmlands, etc.
  • To address upcoming challenges in land issues, we should consider that land use is a complex human-nature interaction. Consequences occur not only at the local or regional scale—they are globally interconnected. Consequently, human action accelerates global change, which in turn has an impact on humankind leading to land-related conflicts.
  • Overall, contemporary land use governance systems are characterized by gaps, mismatches, or other dysfunctionalities that lead to land use conflicts. Thus, it is necessary to broaden the understanding of the system that influences land use by enhancing the interrelationships between different land use sectors and integrating diverse knowledge bases.

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