Urban Forestry in Transition –

Addressing the needs of changing societies

CARE-FOR-US II/GreenMan project conference, Tartu, Estonia
9-11 OCTOBER 2013

Hosted by the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Department of Landscape Architecture

Many countries and societies in Europe and elsewhere are in transition, for example in terms of economy, socio-demographics and political systems. Together with pressures of urbanisation and urban densification, but also urban shrinking in some cities, these changes have major impacts on urban forests and urban forestry. This international conference will address how urban forestry needs to be adapted within transitional societies, for example in terms of changing governance and management approaches. It will also study the contributions of urban forestry to cities that are more resilient and provide a high quality of life.

The conference is jointly organised by CARe-FOR-US II, the second phase of the The Centre of Advanced Research on Forestry Serving Nordic Urban Societies http://www.nordicforestresearch.org/care-for-us2/ and the GreenMan Project http://greenmanproject.org/ which is all about management of urban green spaces. These organisations, together with the Estonian University of Life Sciences, invites researchers and practitioners from the Nordic-Baltic region and beyond to meet and exchange research and practice in all aspects of urban forestry. The conference is excellent value for money and takes place in the charming and historic university town of Tartu in Estonia http://www.tartu.ee/?lang_id=2.

The conference includes plenary and parallel sessions and kicks off with a field visit for delegates to orientate themselves to the urban forestry context of Estonia.


•  Book of Abstracts

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