1. Winning the environment. The ecosystem approach and its value for military operations, a way to improve your mission – Kim Janssen (Witteveen+Bos, Netherland)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (60MB)

  2. Biodiversity - a driver for business - Henric Wahlgren (Kinnarps AB, Sweden)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (50MB)

  3. Tourist flow management in natural area: concretes applications of counting data - Enrico Durbano (Ecocounter Ltd, France)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (68MB)

  4. Natura 2000 - beyond 2010 - Olli Ojala (European Commission DG Environment, Belgium)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (56MB)

  5. Programme of Work on Protected Areas of the CBD: actual situation and perspectives for the future - Sarat Babu Gidda (Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Canada)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (53MB)

  6. Conservation and protected areas – challenges in a changing world - Stig Johansson (IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas (Pan-Europe), Metsähallitus, Finland)
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (67MB)

  7. Discussion – Nature conservation beyond 2010
    PDF                • Video (92MB)