• Ecosystem goods and services
  1. Recognising the value of protected areas (in the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity report for policy-makers) - Kettunen, M., Berghöfer, A., Brunner, A., Conner, N., Dudley, N., Ervin, J., Gidda, S.B., Mulongoy, K.J., Pabon, L., Vakrou, A.
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  2. Transactional environmental supporting system & Development of pro-biodiversity business- Zenon Tederko
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  4. Old manor parks – from cultural heritage to refugia of biodiversity - Jaan Liira, Kertu Lõhmus, Epp Tuisk, Kai Vellak, Inga Jüriado, Ave Suija
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  5. Red wood ant settlements as outside study objects and the management of ant-friendly tourism - Anne Martin, Ants-Johannes Martin
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  6. Large carnivore damage prevention and conservation: livestock guarding dogs in Finland and Estonia - Teet Otstavel
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  7. Paying for environmental protection and attitude towards nature protection in Estonia in international comparison - Üllas Ehrlich, Sirje Pädam
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