• Biodiversity and management
  1. Carrying capacities of nature parks - Jesper Brandt

  2. Invertebrate diversity research and conservation in Estonia: our overlooked majority - Tõnu Talvi
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (33MB)

  3. The dendroflora of Estonian nature protected parks - Nele Nutt, Sulev Nurme, Mart Hiob
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (44MB)

  4. How are Estonian woodland key habitats managed - what has remained and how are they protected? - Kaupo Kohv, Anneli Palo
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (34MB)

  5. How are habitat and landscape factors influencing the diversity and abundance of bumblebees? - Isabel Diaz Forero, Ave Liivamägi, Valdo Kuusemets, Jaan Luig
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (27MB)

  6. Distribution and habitat ecology of the threatened Florest lichen Lobaria pulmonaria in Estonia - Inga Jüriado, Jaan Liira
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (37MB)