Management of Urban and Industrial Landscapes

The speciality provides a broad knowledge in the following fields: environmental politics and environmental management in industry and municipalities, assessment of the effects of human activity on the environment,  restoration of ruined landscapes and industrial areas and planning of sustainable living environment.

Upon completion of the curriculum, the student will have the following competences:

  • Ability to describe the bases of his/her field of science in terms of relevant concepts;
  • Ability to find and critically assess knowledge concerning his/her research field of speciality;
  • Maturity for scientific thinking and applying scientific work  methods;
  • Good command of at least one foreign language in oral and  written form, computer skills necessary for work;
  • Requisites for acquiring the Master´s degree;
  • Ability to implement the acquired knowledge in the work related  to the specialty;
  • Including at the international level, ability to introduce efficiently the principles of sustainable development and to alleviate the effect of human activity in industry, industrial areas and cities;
  • Ability to plan sustainable human activity on industrial and urban landscapes, ability to assess ethical aspects and to act accordingly.