Steffen M. Noe

Main research interests

Atmosphere-Biosphere interactions:

The atmosphere and biosphere are connected by a manyfold of interactions and dependencies. The system formed can be described as an emergent complex system. The processes are located on many levels of organisation such as cell, leaf, whole plant, forest stand, ecosystem, region to globe. Considering those, the merging of informations that can be obtained on each level, into sensful models is a big challenge in that field.

Currently, i am working on models of BVOC (biogenic volatile organic compounds) emissions from subcellular to global scale. Also, i conduct flux measurements, especially CO2, H2O, BVOC (biogenic volatile organic compounds), ozone, and NOx on leaf and ecosystem scale.

Biogeochemical cycles:

Assesing climate change issues need input of inventory data bases and flux data between the reservoirs in the earth system. Input of new algorithms into larger scale models such as LPJ-GUESS, a dynamic global vegetation model , are another research direction wich is of interest for me.

Ecosystem modeling:

Setting up regional scale ecosystem models is also a part of my interest. So far, a model of BVOC emissions of the Järvselja area, an experimental and educational forestry station has been developed. Within current projects, regional scale models for willow plantations, so called "energy forests" and mixed forest stands are under development.

In connections with colleagues, especially in Estonia and Finland, are also efforts to include mires and swamp areas into such ecosytem scale models.


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