Järvselja Measurement Campaign 2008

The Measurement campaign at Järvselja Experimental Forestry Station takes place in the time from 04. - 17. August 2008.

Short site description:

The Järvselja Experimental Forerstry Station is located approx. 50 km SEE (by crowfly) out of the city of Tartu. The terrain is flat and the measurement site is located at the western border of the area belonging to the Station. The current place where the towers are located is a mixed birch and spruce stand (approx. 16-18,  canopy height) with some lime trees and poplars within. Tower height is 20 m.

Inspecting the tower in Mai 2008 with colleagues from Forestry Institute, Agricultural and Environemtal Institute (Estonian University of Life Sciences), Environmental Physics (Tartu University) and Physics and Forest Ecology (Helsinki University) (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Measurements running:

Eddy Covarinance:
Under and overstorey systems are already set up.
Understorey: CO2, H2O, Temperature, Humidity
Overstorey: CO2, H2O, Temperature, Humidity, Isoprene

Understorey Eddy Covarinace System, set up by Georg Wohlfahrt and Lukas Hörtnagl, University of Innsbruck (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe) 


Sonic installation at the tower (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Air Concentrations:
NO, NO2, NOx, Ozone, SO2, H2S

Fast Isoprene Sensor (FIS), NO/NO2/NOx and Ozone analysis in the measurement cottage (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Air ions, size distributions, particles, PM2.5, PM10

EAS and Radon measurement devices in the measurement cotage (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

EAS data aquisition (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

BSMA and Vaisala Weather sensor data logging in the measurement cottage. (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

BSMA data aquisition (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Stand level:
Biomass, tree height, LAI

Leaf level:
Photosynthesis,  LAI, VOC samples

PhD Student Zhihong Sun is preparing the VOC sampling with a branch enclosure chamber from our Finnish colleagues from Helsinki University. (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Closer view of the branch enclosure chamber. (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

First steps to sample VOC with the Walz Cuevette system measureing understorey birch leaves. PhD student Leila Pazouki follows the photosynthesis measurements. VOC sampling was done by usage of the sample outlet, CarboPack Cartridges and contrloling the outlet flow via a digital flow meter. (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)

Soil fluxes:
CO2, H2O, Methane, NOx

Installation of soil chambers and introduction by Anntti-Jussi Kieloaho about the functions of the chamber to PhD students Tiina Tosens and Miguel Portillo Estrada. In the back, PhD studend Lea Hallik. (© 2008 Steffen M. Noe)


A measurement cottage has been raised, electricity (230V~, 6A) is provided with two phases and additionally a generator (230V~, 6A) can be used.

Information will be updated!



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