Chair of Plant Health
Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kreutzwaldi 1
51014 Tartu


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The establishment  of the institute dates back  to 1921 when at  the University of  Tartu  the Cabinet (later institute) of Applied Zoology (Entomology) was founded. Kaarel Leius (Karl Zolk) was the founder and the leader of the institution until 1944. On the other hand, the second predecessor of the Institute of Plant Protection  was the Cabinet of Plant Diseases organised by professor Fedor Bucholz in 1922. Later during a prolonged time (1929-1944) this institution was led by professor Elmar Lepik.. Both institutions had their own experimental stations. Agricultural and forest plant pests  and diseases, their biology and control methods were studied. Experimental stations  trained a net of correspondents who  observed the distribution and abundance of plant pests in local conditions. At that  time all the research, innovation and training of the different fields of plant protection were concentrated in the experimental stations.

After World War II  (1945-1951) the Chair of Plant Diseases and  Agricultural  Botany (leader- August Marland) and the Chair  of Applied Zoology and Entomology  (leader - August Eenlaid) were functioning at the University of Tartu. From 1951 both chairs also continued to work in the Estonian Agricultural Academy.  From 1955 to 1975  the applied zoological research and training was carried out in the Chair of Applied Entomology and Horticulture (leader - A.Eenlaid).  The phytopathological  training and research was the responsibility of the Chair of Botany and Phytopathology until 1975 (leaders  1951- 1970 -A. Marland, 1970 - 1975 - K.Kivi). In 1976  the phytopathological part and the Chair of Applied Entomology and Horticulture were joined to establish a new unit of the  Chair  of Horticulture and Plant Protection. From 1979  phytopathology was taught and researched at the reformed Chair of Botany and Grassland Cultivation.

In 1992 with the reformation of the Estonian Agricultural University  the parts of different chairs dealing with plant protection disciplines in the Estonian Agricultural Academy and  the Laboratory of Experimental Entomology and the Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Insects from the Institute of Zoology and  Botany of the Estonian Academy of Sciences  were joined to establish  the Institute of Plant Protection. Uno Siitan was the head of the institute from 1992 to 1996 when Anne Luik, professor of entomology, began to lead the institute. Since 2008 the head of Department of Plant Protection is professor Marika Mänd.


In 2017, the academic structure of the institute changed. The Department of Plant Protection is now  called the Chair of Plant Health. Professor Marika Mänd proceeds as Chair of Plant Health.