Virtual landscape modelling and visualisation system

in Estonan

Methodology for use

The system enables real-time landscape visualisation on a 160 degree cylindrical relocate-able screen. System's software enables modelling and real-time visualisation of accurate, true like urban, rural and natural landscapes with natural atmospheric effects. The source data can be of different GIS and CAD based databases, which typically include elevation data, aerial orthoimagery, land-use and biotope maps, shapefiles of vectors and polygons, accurate textured 3D models.


The installation can host up to 15 people at a time and display computer generated landscapes that can be navigated freely. The viewing experience is immersive - many people get effortlessly the feeling of actually being in the landscape itself. This helps to simulate different environments in lab more percisely and get responses of high validity from people.

The landscape theatre can be used in fields of landscape and visual impact assessment and environmental perception studies. It can greatly assist in regional and landscape planning but also spatial planning of smaller areas and prominent single sites. It is also usable in pedagogic applications when it is necessary to give overview of current situation or process happening over large area.

The system can be relocated to a desired location within one day which makes it a feasible option for public participation meetings. The highly immersive experience ensures higher public interest in spatial planning issues and makes it possible to achieve more democratic results in decisions that influence landscapes as public resource.



See the theatre in action here





The facility is jointly funded by Estonian Environmental Investment Fund and Estonian University of Life Sciences. It is operated as public domain (charging only for the workload and expenses) by departments of Environmental Protection, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Management and Nature Conservation.


Contacts:  Peeter Vassiljev
tel. 731 3139
Kreutzwaldi 56/3-224