Institutional Research Grants

Lake food webs and C metabolism across gradients of catchment alkalinity and climate

Project period: 2014-2019

Principal investigator: Tiina Nõges

Lakes form 4% and their catchments >50% of land cover in Estonia making it the 4th richest country by lakes in Europe. Lakes receive increasing natural and anthropogenic loads of substances from their catchments. To a certain limit, healthy lake ecosystems bury these substances in their sediments or convert them into bioproduction keeping the water clean, and rather bind than emit greenhouse gases. It is important to prevent, but if present, recognize and cure disorders in lake ecosystem functioning. Over its nearly 60year existence, Centre for Limnology of EMU has become a unique centre of competence in Estonia collecting data and knowhow and educating people for water protection, research and managment. The basic task of the proposed project is to maintain and develop in Estonia the internationally acknowledged competence on carbon cycling and lake food webs that would sustain knowledge based water policy and compliance with international obligations in global change conditions.

2015 interim report in Estonian/English (pdf)