• Studies by former Department of Plant Physiology


Courses 2008/2009

Biogenic volatile compounds (PK.1473)

The main task of the planned graduate course is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of the factors affecting air quality and of the role of volatile organic compounds in air quality, of the importance of these compounds for plants and of the possibilities of employing these emissions in biocontrol. Contemporary scientific advancements in the field of biogenic emissions are studied and discussed in the class, and the students learn to debate over the “hot topics” of biogenic emissions and atmospheric chemistry.

3 ECTS (2AP)
teaching language: english
teacher: Prof. Ülo Niinemets

Methods and analytical techniques to measure Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) emissions (PK.1474)

Biogenic emission play a key role in atmospheric quality, in particular in ozone and aerosol formation. The graduate course provides a general overview of the basic methods to determine the gas exchange characteristics of terrestrial vegetation. Both the methods used at ecosystem level and at single plant or leaf level will be considered. The main task of the course is to train the students to use state-of-the art scientific equipment for volatile compound estimation.

3 ECTS (2AP)
teaching language: english
teacher: Dr. Lucian O. Copolovici

Biogeochemical cycles in the atmosphere (PK.1475)

Introduce the concepts and principles of atmospheric chemistry with focus on the biogeochemical cycles and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. Knowledge acquired during this course covers the atmospheric composition and the principles of key chemical processes occuring in the atmosphere. The course covers the chemistry of biogenic and anthropogenic compounds such as sulphur, nitrate, carbon and VOC, and global emissions characteristics, geochemical cycling, climate feedback mechanisms. The course further studies ozone, aerosol and cloud formation processes. The key aim of the course is to provide a general understanding of the important linkages of biosphere and atmsophere in determining air quality, cloudiness and climate.

4.5 ECTS (3AP)
teaching language: english
teacher: Dr. Steffen M. Noe