• Nature conservation policy & Ecosystem approach in management
  1. Nature conservancy, without the local inhabitants, is this possible? - Mark Soosaar
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (48MB)

  2. Determinants of orientation to nature protection: some inferences from Estonian society - Kati Orru
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (34MB)

  3. About local nature conservation trustees, public servants and trust in nature conservation - Kristel Vilbaste, Mikk Sarv
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (29MB)

  4. Fundamentals of species conservation in Estonia - Eike Vunk
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (25MB)

  5. Recent trends in nature conservation - Kaja Peterson
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (MB)

  6. Ecosystem approach to creating competitive space as a basic element of modern spatial planning - Alicja Suder
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (44MB)

  7. Ecosystem approach in soil protection and land management - Raimo Kõlli, Arno Kanal
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (35MB)

  8. EU Biodiversity Policy Post-2010 - exploring the possibilities for safeguarding broader ecosystems - Kettunen, M., Baldock, D., ten Brink, P., Lutchman, I. & Tucker, G., Baumueller, A. & Arroyo, A.
    Abstract                • PDF                • Video (30MB)