28.04.2023: Open Seminar „Restoration of Mountainous Landscapes in Armenia“

Next seminar of "Exploring Landscape Boundaries" series is held by Areg Karapetyan and is titeled „Restoration of Mountainous Landscapes in Armenia“

Time: 28th of April at 13.00

Location: Web event in BBB virtual room

Language: English

The series of open seminars about landscapes is organized by the Chair of Landscape Architecture. Recordings of previus seminars can be watched HERE.

Areg is an Assistant Professor at the Armenian National Agrarian University and the Director of SOLUTON Environmental Outsourcing Services LLC

Early assessments of forest resources in the world were focused on forests’ productive functions, particularly wood supply and secondary forest products, which were identified as the main outcome. However, the protective functions of the forests, which are typical ecosystem-based approaches to enhance the resilience of social-ecological systems as a part of overall adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies, have been underestimated or even neglected, despite international experience.

The protective functions of the world’s forests are especially significant in mountainous landscapes, which include (but are not limited to) influence on local and regional climate, protection from water erosion, protection from avalanches and protection and storage of water resources.

Towards global climate change mountain landscapes are becoming a hug refuge for numerous species, thus making it possible for them to survive.

Within this presentation, we are going to speak about how to use the ecosystem-based approach for the restoration of mountainous forest landscapes in order to increase their natural resilience towards climate change, contribute to global carbon sequestration, and to increase the livelihood and sustainability of the communities, which depend on those ecosystems, although not always know about it.