30.04.2021: Open seminar "Creating Cities together"

Next open seminar of Exploring Landscape Boundaries events is taking place on 30th of April 14:00 EET (UTC+3) and is hosted by Leonardo Brawl Márquez from Brazil. The seminar is titeled  "Creating Cities together" and can be joined as free web event:

Leonardo Brawl Márquez is a social activist, urbanist, architect, musician and co-founder of the autonomous collective TransLAB.URB.
TransLAB.URB is based in Porto Alegre, south Brazil with a focus on cities. They view the city as a common good for the city for everyone and views urbanism as part of the collective culture or heritage of a city.
The local culture is indispensable for improving urban spaces and TransLAB.URB aims to co-create the future involving the valuable knowledge of local inhabitants. They do this by encouraging citizens to actively participate and initiate ideas.
TransLAB.URB is an experimental and inter-disciplinary organisation that aims to design, spread and test various methodologies that lead to the transformation of spaces. They use approaches based on Tactical Urbanism, Placemaking, Hacker Urbanism, Sociology, Social Psychology, Pedagogy, Ethnography, Cartography, and Mapping, among others. They also believe in the creation, maintenance and expansion of well-distributed networks, through localised actions and global connections.

What is "Exploring Landscape Boundaries"?
Team of professors, lecturers, researchers and PhD students of the Landscape Architecture department of EMÜ decided to start monthly open seminars Exploring Landscape Boundaries. Events will be held in the English language.
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