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Käimasolevad projektid

E-CLIC - An experiment on the Landscape Convention

(D)rain for Life - Promoting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in Estonia-Latvia cross-border area to improve the environment for active and sustainable communities.http://drainforlife.eu/

COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe - http://www.urbanagricultureeurope.la.rwth-aachen.de/

COST Action Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cities - Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned. www.urbanallotments.eu

CANEPAL - The European Heritage of Sheep Farming and Pastoral Life. http://www.prismanet.gr/canepal

COST Action TObeWELL. Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services http://www.tobewell.eu


Lõppenud projektid

ASPIS - Auditing the Sustainability of Public Spaces. www.aspis-learn.eu

CARe-FOR-US II - Nordic-Baltic Centre of Advanced Reasearch on Forestry Serving Urbanised Societies II. http://www.nordicforestresearch.org/care-for-us2

Closed cities and sites. http://closed-cities.aarch.dk/closed-cities-and-sites/

GreenMan - Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green Management forUrban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals. www.greenmanproject.org