Current projects

Diversity, integrity and sustainability of agroecosystems.
Target financing.
Duration: 2008-2013
Leader: prof. Tiiu Kull; paricipators A. Astover, E. Reintam. Other participators: look at ETIS


Soil compaction on grasslands: the effect of agricultural activity on soil deformation and plants.
Estonian Science Foundation Grant No. 7622.
Duration: 2008–2011.
Leader: Endla Reintam


Organic matter (peats) decomposition kinetics in Histosols.
Mobilitas project between the Estonian and Polish Academy of Sciences.
Duration: 2010-2012.
Project leaders: Raimo Kõlli and Lech Szajdak.


IOSDV long-term field experiment.
Since 1989.
Leader: Alar Astover.

Effect of aspen pulp mill production wastes and composts to a field crops, environment and profitability.
Applied research project financed by Ltd Estonian Cell.
Duration: 2009-2010.
Leader: Alar Astover.


Concluded projects

The effect and co-effect of organic and mineral fertilizers on field crops and environment in long-term field experiment with comparison of intensive, conventional and organic farming.
Applied research project financed by Ministry of Agriculture.
Duration: 2006-2008.
Leaders: Paul Kuldkepp, Alar Astover

Digitalization of Estonian soil samples archive.
Grant of Environmental Investment Centre.
Duration: 2008-2009.
Leader: Alar Astover

Soils of Estonia: properties, ecology, evaluation of status, sustainable management, taxonomy.
Targeted financing.
Duration: 2003-2007
Leader: R. Kõlli
Staff: A. Astover, O. Ellermäe, P. Kuldkepp, T. Köster, E. Leedu, L. Link, M. Mõtte, E. Reintam, H. Roostalu, K. Rannik, K. Suik, T. Teesalu, A. Toomsoo, T. Tõnutare, N. Vasiliev, V. Vingisaar

Investigation of biomelioration methos and these agro-ecological aspects on the areas with compacted subsoil.
Estonian Science Foundation research grant ETF5418
Leader: J. Kuht
duration: 01.01.03–31.12.06
Staff: L. Edesi, E. Nugis, E. Reintam

Dolomit powder as the magnemsium-fertilizer.
Duration: 2005-2007.
principal investigator: V. Loide
staff: R. Kõlli, E. Reintam

Pedoecological parameters of soil cover status and development and their application in sustainable land use and soil taxonomy.
principal investigator: R. Kõlli
duration: 01.01.98–31.12.02

Peculiarities of soil organic carbon annual circulation and sequestration in Estonian postlithogenic mineral soils
principal investigator: R. Kõlli
duration: 01.01.02–31.12.05 
Staff: T. Köster, L. Link, E. Reintam

Optimisation of Land Use and Agricultural Production in Estonia Proceeding from Pedoclimatic, Environmental Protection Related and Economic Conditions
principal investigator: H. Roostalu
duration: 01.01.01–31.12.04
staff: O. Kärt, E. Lauringson, A. Selge, K. Sepp

Pedoecological Analysis of Soil Cover Characteristics for Environmental Issues
principal investigator: R. Kõlli
duration:  01.01.98–31.12.01 
 staff:  T. Köster, K. Soosaar

Scientifically and Economically Effective Methods to Restore Arable Soil Properties Degraded as the Result of Overcompaction
principal investigator: J. Kuht
duration: 01.01.99–31.12.02
staff: M. Alaru, Ü. Algma, L. Hirsnik, Ü. Laur, E. Nugis, E. Reintam

Primary Pedogenesis on Afforestated Quarry Detritus
principal investigator: L. Reintam
duration: 01.01.00–31.12.02
staff: L. Reintam

Effect of Tree Species on Rhizosphere Processes in Coniferous Seedings in Different Soil Conditions
principal investigator: K. Lõhmus (TU Faculty of Biology and Geography)
duration: 01.01.01–31.12.03 
 staff: A. Kanal, I. Ostonen, J. Truu, M. Truu

Hooghännalised kui võimalikud bioindikaatorid põllumuldade majandamisel
principal investigator: A. Kanal
duration: 2000
staff: A.Kanal

ESF grant 188
Orgaaniliste ja lämmastikväetiste kasutamise optimeerimise teoreetiliste aluste täiustamine külvikorras
principal investigator: P. Kuldkepp
staff: T. Teesalu, I. Liiva, A. Toomsoo, A. Vaap

ESF grant 190
Pedoecological analysis of hytoprouctivity and humus status in natural and cultural ecosystems.
principal investigator: R. Kõlli
duration: 1994–1997
Staff: E. Kitse, A. Kanal, I. Lemetti, P. Penu, T. Köster, O. Ellermäe, H. Roostalu, P. Kasearu, A. Selge, T. Tamm, I. Liiva, M. Rei.

USA joint project, financed by USDA
 Soil classification and land evaluation in Baltic republics
duration: 1994–97
co-ordinator from Estonia R. Kõlli

Cooperation work with Humboldt University Berlin:
 “Influence of organic and mineral N-fertilization on yield formation and quality parameters of spring barley. A comparison between the Berlin (Germany) and Tartu (Estonia) locations”
principal investigator: F. Ellmer (Universitet of Humboldt in Berlin), P.Kuldkepp
duration 1994–1999
staff: T. Teesalu, O. Erekul

Contract of research and development with company Kiviõli Keemiatööstuse OÜ
”Possibilities of using oil-shale semi-coke composts in agriculture”
duration: 2002–2003
principal investigator: P. Kuldkepp
staff: E. Leedu, K. Karp, H. Raave, A. Merivee, A. Toomsoo, K. Sangla, M. Kissa

Joint project with company “Hydro Eesti OÜ”
Effect of foliar fertilizer ‘Fenso Coctail’ on yield and quality of potato
Duration: 1999–2000
Staff: E. Leedu, A. Toomsoo, P. Kuldkepp, T. Tõrra

Baltic environmental agricultural run-off project BEAROP in Estonia – An Estonian – Swedish project within the Baltic Agricultural run-off action programme,
BAAP co-ordinator from Estonia: prof. E. Loigu TTU
Staff: P. Kuldkepp

Joint project with company “Farm Plant Eesti AS”
Effect of complex fertilizers on yield and quality of crops
Duration: 1999-2004
Staff: E. Leedu, A. Toomsoo, P. Kuldkepp

Project of Nonprofit organization Centre of Ecological Technologies
Comparison of varieties of cereals and crop rotations suitable for organic farming“ (subscriber ministry of agriculture)
duration: 2000
performer : O. Ellermäe

Project of  Nonprofit organization Centre of Ecological Technologies and its  international partner (firm Rust&Knast from Danmark)
Development of organic field crop husbandry" (subscriber ministry of agriculture)
duration: 2001
performer: O. Ellermäe

Project of Nonprofit organization Centre of Ecological Technologies
Monitoring of agro-environmental pilot-area" (subscriber ministry of agriculture)
duration: 2001
performer: O. Ellermäe