Teaching and research staff


Marika Mänd


Professor, PhD  CV in ERP

social insects, environmentally friendly plant protection

marika.mand@emu.ee;  Kreutzwaldi 5, D corpus room 241,  phone +372 731 3396, +372 51 00 259


Anne Luik

Professor Emeritus, Senior Researcher, PhD  CV in ERP

environmentally friendly plant protection


Tõnisson`s house; phone +372 742 5010


  Elen Peetsman

 Head of the Research Centre of Organic Farming, MSc CV in ERP


 Tõnisson`s house; phone +372 742 5010



Anders Kvarnheden

Visiting Professor, PhD 

plant virology




Ingrid Williams

Senior Researcher, PhD  CV in ERP

applied entomology, ecology of pollinators and parasitoids