Biogeochemical cycles in the atmosphere


Biogeochemical cycles in the atmosphere (PK.1475)

Introduce the concepts and principles of atmospheric chemistry with focus on the biogeochemical cycles and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. Knowledge acquired during this course covers the atmospheric composition and the principles of key chemical processes occuring in the atmosphere. The course covers the chemistry of biogenic and anthropogenic compounds such as sulphur, nitrate, carbon and VOC, and global emissions characteristics, geochemical cycling, climate feedback mechanisms. The course further studies ozone, aerosol and cloud formation processes. The key aim of the course is to provide a general understanding of the important linkages of biosphere and atmsophere in determining air quality, cloudiness and climate.

4.5 ECTS (3AP)
teaching language: english
teacher: Dr. Steffen M. Noe

Lecture shedule: Wednesdays, 14-16, room TBA

February March April Mai
1st 6th
11th 8th 13th
18th 18th 15th 20th
25th 25th 22nd 27th


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