ESF science conference 2009, Tartu

Induced BVOC emissions: Processes and feedback mechanisms from cells to atmosphere

held in Tartu / Taagepera, Estonia, 14th -17th January 2009.

The workshop intends to bring together leading scientists in modelling and measuring induced plant volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions to bridge the gap between process-understanding of stress-dependent emissions and modelling of induced emissions from leaf to globe. The meeting particularly focuses on:

Elicitors of emissions (herbivores, fungal infections, environmental stresses), stress-driven signalling cascades detected in the gas-phase and quantitative stress-effect relationships;
Modelling of induced emissions from biochemical to global scales: elicited emissions, quantitative modelling of signalling cascades, parameterization of induced emissions from leaf to stand and globe.

The overall objective is to bring together the communities working on the ecology of BVOC-stress response, particularly in response to insect herbivory, fungal infection or disease and those who model BVOC emissions (largely in response to abiotic factors) that so far have been working in a relatively disconnected manner.

The conference venue is located in a beautiful private countryside hotel (, and transport is organized from the major airport Tallinn to and from the conference venue.
The conference is limited to about 30 invited participants, providing ample opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas, and planning of future activities. The workshop will be sponsored by European Science Foundation VOCBAS programme and Estonian University of Life Sciences, allowing us to cover your participation expenses (transport/economy, accommodation and meals). A journal special issue is planned as the outcome of the meeting.

Hoping to meet you in Taagepera and with very best regards,

Prof. Dr. Ülo Niinemets, Convenor (Estonia), and Dr. Almut Arneth (Sweden) and Dr. Steffen M. Noe (Estonia), Co-Convenors



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