Department of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation

Department of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation focuses on the integrated and multidisciplinary study of landscapes and innovative practices in nature conservation. The members of research team work together in building theory and developing knowledge of landscape patterns and processes, landscape values and functions, developing integrative management tools (methodologies on landscape planning, monitoring, evaluation etc), and making them applicable to real landscape situations. Special attention is paid on land-use change, landscape management and regional development, but also to landscape ecology and ecology of bird species and communities.

Research and studies:

• Assessment of landscape values and functions
• Ecological responses of species to land use change
• Environmental policy and measures
• Evaluating the human impact on agricultural landscapes
• Green infrastructure in spatial planning
• Investigation of bird migration ecology and dynamics of bird communities
• Landscape planning, management and maintenance
• Land-use and driving forces of land-use change
• Management of protected areas
• Methodological approaches for landscape and biodiversity monitoring
• Regional development, planning and policy