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Teaching and research staff

Simon Bell, PhD

Head of the chair, professor

Simon Bell was originally a forester took a master degree in landscape architecture. He worked for 20 years in the British Forestry Commission, specialising in forest landscape and outdoor recreation planning and design. He has also worked in the USA, Canada, Europe and Russia as a consultant on large scale forestry and recreation projects. Research and practice led him to projects in the Baltic States and thus to Estonia where he has been teaching and researching since 2005, taking over as head of department in 2009.

He teaches courses about large-scale planning and design and supervises many master and PhD students.
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Mart Külvik, PhD


Biodiversity and environmental planning. Nature conservation policy and planning. CV
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Mari Nõmmela,  PhD
 Assoc. professor

Mari Nõmmela has graduated from the University of Tartu as a teacher of history and social studies, additionally specialising in art history. She has defended her Master’s and Doctoral thesis on Estonian art history. She has published books and research articles related to Estonian culture, written chapters for several collections.

She has been working at the Estonian University of Life Sciences since the speciality of landscape architecture was established, an Associate Professor from 1998. She teaches subjects related to historical areas and history of landscape history, composition and form in designing of public space, drawing as an optional subject, etc. She has organised several thematic exhibitions of students’ works and shown her own creation at solo and general exhibitions.
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Toomas Muru, MSc
Manager of the chair,  lecturer and PhD student

Toomas Muru is a landscape architect who got his landscape architecture education at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Wageningen Univeristy and Eesti Maaülikool. He has also a forestry education form Estonia. He has been working as private consultant at an Estonian planning company and then for almost two decades as the landscape architecture study program developer and teacher at Eesti Maaülikool. He has been teaching also in HÄMK and different international courses in Estonia and abroad, is a co-author of the Estonian guidebook for comprehensive planning and founder of Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union.

He teaches courses about spatial and landscape planning, landscape analysis of rural areas and forest landscape planning and design.
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Kadri Maikov, PhD

AutoCAD 2D ja 3D, design with decorative plants, healing gardens.

Landscape architect Kadri Maikov is a specialist of ’healing gardens’. She have published book in 2011 and it is based on environmental psychology. Kadri have been envolved with landscape architecture department since 1997. Speciality cources and lectures have been given in Finland, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Lithuania etc universities. Kadri supervises master's thesis and is full member of the Master's thesis evaluation committee. She manages hospital-related collaborative projects. Kadri is also founder of Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union. She is also horticulturist jury member of many competitions. Alongside of teaching she is envolved herown company since 2005. Kadri holds heritage protection activity license (VS 507/2010). Look also CV and Kiirprojektid OÜ webpage. Her creativity work is shown in personal exhibitions.
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Friedrich Kuhlmann, Dipl-Ing
Chief Specialist and PhD student

Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Kuhlmann is a landscape architect from Berlin living in Tartu. He worked in different design offices in Germany, taught and researched at TU Berlin, Rostock University and Boku Vienna and also founded freelance businesses for planning and consulting. Since 2005 he worked as an extraordinary associate professor and since 2009 as an appointed professor at our department. His professional interests encircle contemporary landscape theory, urban space design and social sustainability.

He teaches courses about urban planning and design, contemporary landscape theory and supervises bachelor and master students.
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Peeter Vassiljev, MSc
Lecturer and PhD student

Peeter Vassiljev has been landscape architect since 1999. He is lecturer in planning of residential areas and landscape construction. His research interests are in the contact field of forest recreation and environmental psychology. He takes great interest in computer graphics and 3d simulation and is responsible for running the Virtual Landscape Theatre at Estonian University of Life Sciences. He is among the founding members of Estonian Landscape Arhitecture Students' Organisation and Estonian Landscape Architects' Union.

He teaches courses about spatial and landscape planning, construction and environmental psychology.
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Gloria Niin, MSc

Junior researcher  and PhD student

Gloria Niin is a lecturer and a PhD student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. She is teaching basic courses in bacelour level like General Course in Landscape Architecture, Drawing and Public Space Design. Her research is dealing with urban forest recreation and management, focusing on the improvement of environmental, social, economic and legal aspects of urban forests in Estonia. Also she has a position as a landscape architect of the university focusing on providing better opportunities for different user groups and making the outdoor space more resilient and diverse by changing the green space management practices. At her free time Gloria is an urban activist and she has a NGO together with her fellow landscape architects.

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Jekaterina Balicka, MSc

Junior researcher and PhD student

Jekaterina Balicka is a Latvian landscape architect and is currently a researcher and teacher at EULS. She has work experience in Landscape Architecture offices in Riga and Berlin. Jekaterina was a project coordinator at EULS for the GreenMan project, dealing management issues of green urban spaces, together with colleagues she has also initiated and participated in the DrainForLife dealing with sustainable urban drainage systems in Estonia and Latvia. Currently Jekaterina is researcher of the BlueHealth project, which is dealing with the link of blue infrastructure and peoples health in the European cities. Her research and professional interests are temporary use of open spaces in Baltic cities, urban landscape analysis and presentation graphics in Landscape Architecture.

She is teaching in courses involving drawing, presentation graphics, urban landscape analysis and several landscape architecture studio courses.​
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Martti Veldi

Junior researcher

Martti Veldi is a junior researcher in the Modcsapes Estonian team. He is responsible for the archival research and everything that has to be done concerning GIS and mapping. As an only native Estonian in the team, Martti also takes part in interviewing local people, and analysing the data collected on the fieldwork.

Martti Veldi obtained his BA (2004) and MA (2009) degrees (history and archaeology) from the University of Tartu, Estonia. His MA thesis Centres and Communication in South-Eastern Estonia during the Iron Age in the context of Early Modern Era maps explored the opportunities of interpreting Iron Age communication combining 17th century maps and data on archaeological sites.

Research interests: landscape and settlement archaeology, GIS, historical mapping, biographical approach to landscape studies, long-term landscape change

During 2007–2011 Martti worked as a senior inspector of archaeological monuments in South Estonia for the Estonian National Heritage Board. Since 2015 he has been employed as an advisor of archaeological heritage at the National Heritage Board.

Martti Veldi is a PhD student of Archaeological Heritage Management at the University of Leiden.


Oksana Zhukova

  Junior researcher

Oksana Zhukova 2001-2005 graduated College of Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy, specialty Green Building and Landscape Facilities.

2005-2010 graduated Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy, student of Architecture. Graduated with honors. During training, she actively participated in the different real project in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. This projects included reconstruction urban public space, national Architectural landscape parks, memorial museums. She worked as an assistant at the Department of «Architecture and Design of Buildings and Structures of Architectural Environment».

Currently, Oksana is researcher of the MODSCAPES project.


Annely Jürimets

BlueHealth and MODSCAPES project assistant

Annely coordinates EU-funded projects at the Chair of Landscape Architecture: EU Research and Innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 “Linking Up Environment, Health and Climate for Inter-sector Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Rapidly Changing Environment“ (BlueHealth); HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) project “Modernist reinventions of the rural landspace” (Modscapes).
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Kaja Veddel, MSc
Chair management, international projects MODSCAPES and CO-LAND

Kaja Veddel obtained a degree in landscape architecture from the Estonian University of Life Sciences in 2018 and has had further training in the University of Genoa in Italy. In her Master’s thesis, which formed a part of the MODSCAPES project, she studied the impact of modernism and modernisation on Estonian landscapes.

Kaja coordinates project CO-LAND – Inclusive Coastal Landscapes: “Activating green and blue infrastructure for sustainable development of the urban-land interface”, in which the chair is involved and which is funded by the European Union. She also participates in the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) project MODSCAPES – “Modernist Reinventions of the Rural Landscape”.  She manages the daily proceedings of the chair, teaches the general course in landscape architecture and courses in drawing and urban landscape design.

tel: 731-3924 mobile: 5669-5718

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Himansu Mishra, MSc

Junior researcher and PhD student

Himansu is a doctoral student at Estonian University of Life Sciences. He started his doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Simon Bell, in 2016 on Horizon2020 EU research programme funded, interdisciplinary and multi-sector approach Ph.D. studentship in the health and well-being impact of improving access to water bodies in urban areas. He completed his Bachelor degree in Architecture from India in 2004, MSc. in Urban & Regional planning at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK in 2008 and Master of Landscape Architecture at Estonian University of Life Sciences in 2016. Recently he assessed the relative contribution of residential gardens to city-wide green space services and benefits in the case of Tartu, Estonia. Previously he has investigated the responsiveness of public open spaces towards the culture around their use in the case of Granton Waterfront development at Edinburgh.  He has more than ten years of experience in both consulting services and academics both in the UK and India.                                                                                                                                                                

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Fariba Bahriny

 PhD student

Fariba is a doctoral student at Estonian University of Life Sciences. She has a Bachelor degree in Biology and MSc degree of Environmental planning and management both from the university of Tehran, Iran. Her theme is the distribution and use patterns of parks and their spatial accessibility at the city level of Tehran and elsewhere in Iran. Fariba worked for Municipality of Tehran for 10 years in various roles concerned with environmental issues and conducted various projects and other roles there.


Adrian Rybchynskyi

PhD student

Adrian is a doctoral student at Estonian University of Life Sciences. He started his doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Simon Bell in 2015. He completed his MSc degree of Architecture in Lviv, Ukraine in 2014. During his Bachelor period he studied at AGH (Architecture physics department) Cracow, Poland and in Landscape architecture department of TU Wien, Austria. After the workshop with Austrian students in 2012, that took place in Odessa, Ukraine, he found himself being closer to the urban landscape architecture and discovered the relevance of the courtyard spaces in historical part of the cities. Starting from that time, this topic was the basis of his MSc' and now of his research work.


Liina Jürisoo

Junior researcher

She teaches in the Chair of Landcape Architecture cource called "Greenspace management and Woody Plants in urban greening".

Liina Jürisoo graduated  Leningrad Institute of Agriculture as agronomist in horticulture, Trained further in landscape design, landscaping, arboriculture, has been teaching 10 years in several vocational schools. Her PhD research topic is "Diagnostics and distribution of dangerous fungal pathogens in forest and verdant trees"


Joanna Storie

PhD student and Junior researcher in BONUS ROSEMARIE project​

Joanna is a PhD candidate, whose research has covered establishing a realistic picture of rural Latvia and Estonia, the successes in rural development with insight to landscape and identity, and the role of inspirational leaders. She has taught in various workshops aimed at revealing the stories embedded in the landscapes with a view to using these to encourage greater participation in planning processes both at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and workshops for NGOs. Her Masters was in Managing Sustainable Rural Development where she examined the conflict over wild boar management in Latvia. Joanna is also working on the BONUS ROSEMARIE project: Blue health and wealth from the Baltic Sea – a participatory systematic review for smart decisions, with an emphasis on the importance of the ecosystems provided by the Baltic Sea to health and wellbeing of residents and visitors.