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Project results

The project team delivered all aims and objectives; through an excellent partnership (partners, communities, cross-border, with other stakeholders) additional ideas arose and were implemented. 

Innovative community tourism action plans for 6 pilot areas (Maidla, Setomaa, Võrtsjärve, Lohja, Pyhtää, Virolahti) were developed considering local potential and priorities, market demand, economic viability and social sustainability.

Auditing of existing resources involved communities, local and external experts, tourism facilities and services, market and community surveys, tourism strategy planning workshops and designing of action plans. 3D visualisation models and 12 public presentations were used in supporting communities design tourism plans and for effective decision making.

Participant feedback on visualisation was collected and analysed, each model was re-designed for use on personal computers by the local community. An innovative tool for community tourism development was piloted, analysed and a handbook created integrating the many branches of community development, tourism planning and management, landscape design and 3D modelling, nature based tourism development, environmental studies etc. Triangulated study methods including auditing of local resources and businesses, marketing research, community research, action research, prioritisation process, visualisation, workshops, community forums, evaluation etc. were incorporated.

Local nature resources audits were presented as visitor’s workbooks, while sustainability of community tourism development across pilot areas was assured through active engagement and participation of activators/facilitators in FAM and study tours, training and community tourism planning workshops, a final conference and responsibility for surveys, meeting external experts and events. TNA feedback stressed a need for delivery in national languages while cross border activities were in English.

All project processes were monitored and an evaluation by pilot area actors published.

Comcot 3D models for 6 pilot area

An Innovative Tool for Improving the Competitiveness of Community-based Tourism a Handbook

The evaluation of the Community-based Tourism Development Process

Proceedings of the Community Tourism Conference 10-11.09.2013, Kotka, Finland

Project case studies in English  (in *.zip file)
Project case studies in Estonian
Project case studies in Finnish

Final report Comcot Analysis of Questionnaires – Virolahti, Pyhtaa and Lohja

Community Questionnaire Surveys: Estonia (Lake Võrtsjärv, Maidla and Setomaa)

Estonia Tourism marketing Survey

Finland Marketing survey for Sweden and Russia

Training need analysis – Lohja
Training need analysis - Virolahti
Summary TNA results for Comcot

Virolahti Development Action Plan
Pyhtaa Development Action Plan
Lake Lohja Development Action Plan
Lake Võrtsjärv Development Action Plan
Maidla Development Action Plan
Setomaa Development Action Plan

Presentation of natural values. Technical report about Seto Village Belt
Presentation of natural values. Technical report about Porla area
Presentation of natural values. Technical report about Lake Võrtsjärv

Introduction to botanical biodiversity workbook
Botanical biodiversity of the Aidu Oil Shale Quarry. Visitors workbook
Botanical biodiversity of the island Kaunissaari. Visitors workbook
Botanical biodiversity of Mustoja Landscape Conservation Area. Visitors workbook
Botanical biodiversity of Porla hatchery. Visitors workbook
Botanical biodiversity of Valguta Mustjärv Special Conservation Area. Visitors workbook