Plants talk at Expo Milano 2015

The Estonian University of Life Sciences is represented in the Estonian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, where visitors can see an exhibition about how plants communicate. Plants suffer from stress just like humans, but unlike humans they talk about it by emitting volatile molecules. The exhibition showcases research that is being done at the Department of Plant Physiology of the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

International E-CLIC conference "Landscape of possibilities", May 7-8 Tartu

This international conference will address how to improve understanding of the European Landscape Co...

Agroforum Mare Balticum - Food and Energy Sustainability (14th – 16th April 2015)

The Agroforum will be targeted at decision makers on political, administrative, research and produce...

International seminar: Soil trafficability – challenges for soils and vehicles. Tartu, Estonia, March 26–27, 2015

Seminar website:

Information briefing for the international students in the Department of Landscape Architecture

On the 1st of  September at 11:00 o'clock there is an information briefing and meeting with...

Improving drought tolerance of crops by bacteria from harsh environments

The scientists from the Department of Plant Physiology of the Estonian University of Life Science together with the researchers from the Uppsala BioCenter, SLU, Sweden, and the Institute of Evolution, Haifa University, Israel demonstrated that bacterial isolates from extreme conditions enhanced the drought tolerance of wheat. The bacteria were isolated from North-Israeli ‘Evolution Canyon’, from the roots of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) grown on gneiss rock at Mt Lemmon, Arizona, USA and from salty rice (Oryza sativa) rhizosphere at Tina plain, Giza, Egypt, and were demonstrated to form a biofilm on wheat roots resulting in enhanced absorption of water from dry soil.

EMÜ scientists helped in turning a landfill into recreation area

In September 2013, inauguration ceremony of the first landfill in the Baltics that was turned into a recreation area took place in Kudjape, Saaremaa Island. The project was carried out in cooperation with Linnaeus University in Sweden and was innovative in the sense that it rarely happens that a landfill is covered with sieved material excavated from the landfill itself.

Expedition to Ethiopia gave scientists of the University of Life Sciences valuable information about the wintering habits of the Eurasian crane

From January 15 to 27, scientists from Estonian University of Life Sciences and producers of the “Osoon” TV series of Estonian Public Broadcasting travelled to Ethiopia in Africa where they studied and filmed the wintering grounds of Eurasian cranes. The scientific objective of the expedition was to study the migration incl. wintering of the Eurasian crane – an extraordinary and unique opportunity for this was provided by the satellite crane Ahja 4’s first arrival at the wintering grounds of Addis Ababa.

Agroforum Balticum 2014 - Fair and Free Trade in Agricultural Products

On 22–24 April 2014, the international discussion forum Agroforum Balticum, organised by the E...

Professor Ülo Niinemets was elected to Estonian Academy of Sciences

On 4 december 2013, the General Assembly of Estonian Academy of Sciences elected four new members of Academy. In life sciences the new member of Academy is professor Ülo Niinemets – the head of Depatment of Plant Physiology in Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  

New video for the Landscape Architecture master's programme

Department of Landscape Architecture of the Estonian University of Life Sciences has released a video for promoting their international master's programme in Landscape Architecture. The video features Timo Saabas, one of Landscape Architecture master students, riding his bicycle through different landscapes surrounding Tartu, the student capital of Estonia, finally arriving at the university where he meets his fellow students working on different projects. The video can be viewed here.

Plant physiology professor Ülo Niinemets co-edits a book on plant volatiles

Springe Verlag just released the book “Biology, Controls and Models of Tree Volatile Organic Compound Emissions” edited by Prof. Ülo Niinemets (Estonian University of Life Sciences) and by Prof. Russell K. Monson (University of Arizona).

International conference about urban forests and urban forestry

            Urban Forestry in Transition – Addressing the needs of changing societies CARE-FOR-US II/GreenMan project conference, Tartu, Estonia 9-11 OCTOBER 2013 Hosted by the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Department of Landscape Architecture    

A doctoral student from China defended her PhD thesis

A doctoral student from China, Zhihong Sun defended her PhD thesis „Isoprene emission from aspen (Populus sp.) in relation to environmental drivers“ at EMÜ today. She did her PhD studies at the Department of Plant Physiology under the supervision of Prof. Ülo Niinemets.

A doctoral student from Spain defended his thesis

A doctoral student from Spain, Miguel Portillo Estrada defended his PhD thesis thesis „On the relationships between plant litter and the carbon and nitrogen cycles in European forest ecosystems” at EMÜ yesterday. He did his PhD studies at the Department of Plant Physiology under the supervision of Prof. Ülo Niinemets and Dr. Steffen M. Noe.

International Conference: Humus forms and biologically active compounds as indicators of pedodiversity, 27–28 August 2012, Tartu, Estonia

The conference is held on the occasion of 10 years of scientific collaboration between the Institu...

Estonian University of Life Sciencesstarted participating in the maintenance of urban green areas

Estonian University of Life Sciences signed an international project called GreenMan on Monday,...

Estonian University of Life Sciences helps develop more resistent crops

EMÜ is the only Estonian partner in a European Commission project „3to4“, whos...