08.02.2019 Open lectures by professor Gabor Lövei (Aarhus University)

On 8th of february two open lectures are held by professor Gabor Lövei (Aarhus University) in Kreutzwaldi 5 room D239

- 10.15 “Changes in ecological functions along urbanisation gradients” 

- 13.15 “How to give an effective talk at a conference”

A scientific talk is ephemeral, and more depends on the speaker than in the case of written communication. The seminar will review how to focus on the main message, and how to keep the audience engaged during an oral presentation. The major tools will be discussed, including the selection of presentation tools, how to design appropriate figures, and how to deliver a presentation to international audiences. 

Gabor Lövei is a terrestrial ecologist, with research interests on invasion biology, environmental biosafety, agroecology, conservation biology, biodiversity, and ornithology. Over the past 35 years he has studied vertebrate and invertebrate ecology in several parts of Europe, East Africa, New Zealand, and China.

His current research projects include risk analyses and assessment, invasion ecology, quantifying ecosystem services, studying the effects of agricultural operations, landscape management and urbanisation on biodiversity, the environmental effects of transgenic plants, and developing appropriate methods for post-release monitoring of transgenic plants.

He has published 120+ peer-reviewed scientific articles, numerous book chapters, essays, reports and conference proceedings papers (hirsch index: h=33 (Google Scholar, Dec 2018)). Dr. Lövei has been organizing committee member for several entomological and conservation biology conferences/symposiums since 2010. He currently is editor of journals: Conservation Biology, Journal of Biosafety, Acta Zoologica Hungarica, Journal of Integrative Agriculture. Also he has been advisor to several national and international organisations, is a board member of the Europe Section of the Society for Conservation Biology.

​In Estonian University of Life Sciences he gives two lectures, first on the topic of his research called „Changes in ecological functions along urbanisation gradients” and also a lecture “How to give an effective talk at a conference” which is a part of a PhD /MSc scientific communications course at Aarhus University, which he has thought to about 2350 students and scientists in Europe, China and Africa.

Prof Gabor Lövei’s seminars in Estonian University of Life Sciences is endowed by the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology, supported by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (Estonian University of Life Sciences ASTRA project „Value-chain based bio-economy“).

Everyone is welcome to participate!