Professor Ülo Niinemets was awarded a title of honorary doctor

Foto: Andreea Pintea

Last week, on November 8th, University of Life Sciences professor Ülo Niinemets received the highest recognition from the foreign university as a researcher. The academician was awarded with the honorary doctor titel (Doctor Honoris Causa) of the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad (Romania).

According to Professor Niinemets, cooperation with the University of Romania has lasted for a long time. "Together we have published nearly fifty articles. In particular with professor Lucian Copolovic, who at the time was a postdoctoral and senior researcher at the University of Life Sciences," he said.

Certainly, collaboration between the two universities in the future will continue. Niinemets said that now he will focus more on the medical and crop-specific study of secondary metabolism of the plant.

Estonian University of Life Sciences congratulates professor Niinemets!